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Journey to a Mountain is a meticulously researched story of the recovery and concealment of the remains of the Bab. 

The level of detail is extraordinary and even the naming the key participants with their backgrounds is key to understanding the level of their devotion to their belief in the oneness of humankind and that a new age of spiritual renewal had commenced.

 This document discloses previously unknown facts about the condition of the Bab's remains and the loving treatment they received in great adversity.

The storage and secret moving of the remains from place to place and the final arrival in the Holy Land to be hidden again until their final interment in the crypt of the Shrine of The Bab in Haifa Israel is one of the greater stories of all time.

When you buy this book and start reading you will only put it down to sleep and dream about the Bab and his glorious mission. Buy this book, do yourself a favour.  

( by Paul Toloui-Wallace.)