Two books which tell the story of the Shrine of the Báb.

Plus Volume III, which tells the amazing and inspiring story of the Terraces project…..due out in 2019



2018 book

Coronation on Carmel

               The story of the Shrine of the Báb.  Volume II (1922-1963)

By Michael V. Day

 Published by George Ronald Publisher, Oxford, United Kingdom   [With previously unpublished photographs and information.]

                                  "Truly a masterpiece. This will enrich reliable Baha'i literature." ~  Mr Ali Nakhjavani

                                       "This thrilling saga conveys the drama, excitement and challenges associated with the completion of the Shrine of the Báb" ~ Dr Janet A. Khan


READ ABOUT:  * The amazing strategy of Shoghi Effendi to build the arcade and superstructure

                               * "The man with the golden touch"-- the stonemason who built the dome

                              *  The Guardian's "Hercules" and his "Titan"

                              * The snowstorm -- and the reaction to it by Shoghi Effendi

                              *  How the marble and granite was taken up to the site, and where it was stored

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{Volume III about the Terraces project available April, 2019).



2017 book

Journey to a Mountain

               The story of the Shrine of the Báb.  Volume I (1850-1922)


By Michael V. Day


"I feel sure that this book will enrich the literature of our Faith."       " ~  Mr Ali Nakhjavani


"An exhilarating read, a meticu.ously researched work...I was drawn in and needed to continue." ~ Dr Janet A. Khan


Kindle: "Journey to a Mountain" is now available on Kindle. You can see a sample and obtain a copy here:
Printed Book available: 1. { search for: Journey to a Mountain Michael V. Day; or Journey to a Mountain; or Michael V. Day}2. Website of the publisher: 3.  US Baha'i Bookstore 




Coronation on Carmel

           Journey to a Mountain

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