Due to the big demand for copies of "Journey to a Mountain", George Ronald Publisher ordered a reprint, and the books have been rushed to bookstores. It is good to see the interest in this book and the interest in "Coronation on Carmel" so soon after its launch.


I am very grateful to Mr Ali Nakhjavani for his reaction to "Coronation on Carmel". It appears on the home page of this site. Mr Nakhjavani was very helpful to me when conducting research for this book and the previous volume, "Journey to a Mountain".

Premature publicity

It is not supposed to be  good to let you know too much about a book before you can lay your hands, eyes and soul on it. But "Coronation on Carmel" is on its way and should be within your orbit in a few weeks. I hope you enjoy it and are inspired by those whose stories it attempts to tell, all within the major story of  the holiest Shrine in the world, bar the one across the Bay

Coronation on Carmel

 "Coronation on Carmel", the volume that takes the story of the Shrine from 1922 to 1963, is scheduled to be available in the UK in March 2018, and in the USA in early April.

This volume has original information, original photographs and a narrative that tells an amazing story of planning, persistence, and achievement.

Behind, in the middle and in front of everything is the inspiring figure of Shoghi Effendi, initially alone but later leading his small but effective team of Hands of the Cause.

In detail, and aimed at all readers but especially at pilgrims, one chapter describes the architectural features of the arcade and superstructure.

Who was the "man with the golden touch"?Who was the Guardian's "Hercules", and who was his "Titan"? The book lets you know.

Women rise to great  heights in this story, and one of them, Amatu'l-Baha Ruhiyyih Khanum, is quoted  describing some scenes of great power and beauty.

Personally, I love this era.