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Good news. The manuscript for Volume 2 (1922-1963)  of the series on the story of the Shrine of the Bab is now in the hands of the editor, May Hofman, of George Ronald Publisher. The book is scheduled to appear before the end of 2017.  It covers the challenging, exciting  and uplifting era  when Shoghi Effendi prepared to complete the Shrine with a domed superstructure, and when he achieved his goals. New information, great photos, illustrations and map.

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Journey to a Mountain is a meticulously researched story of the recovery and concealment of the remains of the Bab. 

The level of detail is extraordinary and even the naming the key participants with their backgrounds is key to understanding the level of their devotion to their belief in the oneness of humankind and that a new age of spiritual renewal had commenced.

 This document discloses previously unknown facts about the condition of the Bab's remains and the loving treatment they received in great adversity.

The storage and secret moving of the remains from place to place and the final arrival in the Holy Land to be hidden again until their final interment in the crypt of the Shrine of The Bab in Haifa Israel is one of the greater stories of all time.

When you buy this book and start reading you will only put it down to sleep and dream about the Bab and his glorious mission. Buy this book, do yourself a favour.  

( by Paul Toloui-Wallace.)


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Paul Toloui-Wallace


This review is from: Journey To A Mountain (Paperback)

Journey to a Mountain is an outstanding example of the finest possible research into a historical figure who is one of the two most important religious figures of our age. This true story is a triumphant testimony over every possible adversity an how religious bigotry is defeated. Following His execution the Bab's body was discarded in a sewer canal, His followers retrieved His body and over the next 60 years moved it from concealment places in Persia finally the remains were secretly smuggled into Akko Palestine to be concealed for some years until being entombed in their final resting place called the Shrine of The Bab in Haifa Israel. Do yourself a favour, buy this marvellous book.

Talks on the book

There was a great reception by the audience to my presentation on "Journey to a Mountain "at the Brisbane Baha'i Centre of Learning on 21 July. I showed photos and maps on a big screen to illustrate the talk. Lots of book signing and conversation afterwards.  Dr Janet Khan introduced me, and my wife, Chris, read a prayer to start.

I also gave a  talk to the wider community on the book. They did not fidget at all..I was amazed., I I  did the signature routine again for some books, the role of an author I have come to find.

Review on Amazon

Review on Amazon



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5.0 out of 5 starsHISTORY IN THE MAKING

ByThelma Batcheloron June 6, 2017

I have just finished reading this wonderful book, which tells of the dramatic story of the establishment of the Shrine of the Báb (1850-1921) told here in detail for the first time.

Many adherents of the Bahá'í faith and those who have had the privilege of visiting Mount Carmel in Haifa, Northern Israel, will be familiar with the picturesque gardens - sometimes referred to as 'The Hanging Gardens of Babylon' - and the sheer beauty of the Shrine and the adjoining 19 terraces. The view from both land, sea and air is stunning and magnificent and something never to be forgotten.

This is the history of how it all came about and in places it reads like a thriller! It was easy to read, with short chapters, and when the book came to an end, I was sad as the story tore at my heart-strings!

As has been described in the text "Embosomed in these lovely and verdant surroundings stands in all its exquisite beauty the mausoleum of the Báb, the shell designed to preserve and adorn the original structure raised by 'Abdu'l-Bahá as the tomb of the Martyr-Herald of the Bahá'í Faith. Within this shell is enshrined that Pearl of Great Price, the holy of holies, those chambers which constitute the tomb itself, and which were constructed by 'Abdu'l-Bahá. Within the heart of this holy of holies is the tabernacle, the vault wherein reposes the most holy casket. Within this vault rests the alabaster sarcophagus in which is deposited that inestimable jewel, the Báb's holy dust.